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I'm a 26 year old Canadian. I'm female, I love art of all forms, I am constantly reading (namely Charles de Lint, Neil Gaiman and the classics) and writing and drawing. I have an interest in the supernatural and folklore. I cannot live without music, especially Tori Amos, and a strange collection of folk, rock, country, bluegrass, blues and jazz. I completed my Bachelor of Humanities at Carleton University, with a minor in English Lit and History (Medieval history as a focus) in 2006. I've taken some classes in Russian, Japanese and French, but don't speak any of the above very well (Gaelic is next on the list). I love dance, though I've never been very good at it. I've been bellydancing on and off for a few years now in a variety of styles. While I do love it, I'm taking a break from the dance work. I am a big ol' geek, and I love meeting others with similar interests.
This is a part of my little home on the internet. I am candid, openminded and have a tendency to wear my heart on my sleeve. To have access to the more intimate side of me, please comment or email me and ask to be added to my friends list. I do have friends-only posts in which I discuss things of more sensitive nature. If you request friends-only access, please be aware that I will expect you to treat those posts with discretion. Consider what I share here to be as though we had a conversation. Keep it to yourself unless I tell you personally that it's alright to share. Also, friends-only posts are extremely personal and candid. I do not take kindly to trolling, assholery, or general annoying behaviour. If you are easily offended or are a closed-minded individual, please go elsewhere.

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Other Journals
THE KNITTING MAEVAN is my craft blog.
A JOURNAL OF WELLNESS is for ramblings on my faith, experiences, personal development, and attempts at bettering myself.
THE BELLYDANCE BLOG is for talking about dance, mainly, and is hosted through Tribe.
My Loved Ones
My sister is at syianna. My best friends are at attheendofapen and crimsondaisies.
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